Freshy Range of Pickles

Freshy - North East FavouriteOnly the freshest produce from the pristine hills and valleys of our North-East goes into making the Freshy range of pickle. Spices, condiments and concoctions are made-to-measure as laid out by our rich tradition. Thrill your taste-buds with the tangy delight of North-East’s favourite pickle collection.

Taste of tradition

Pickle making is a fine art involving exacting measures in spices, vegetables, condiments and the right kind of oil. It’s an art perfect over the years, in the households of the North-East. Freshy follows the rich legacy and the secret formulas of pickle making passed over generations. Our pickles come from such a rich tradition and made exactly by the recipe created and perfected through the generations. The rich taste of tradition makes Freshy Pickles, the North-East’s favourite pickle, enjoyed and savoured as an accompaniment to foods across homes in North-East.
SM Freshy Pickles
SM Freshy Pickles Variety